SuperSliders 4723595N Reusable Furniture Movers for Hardwood Floors- Quickly and Easily Move Items with Felt Floor Protectors, 3-1/2″ Brown (4 Pack)

Super Sliders move furniture effortlessly across any surface! make moving furniture the easiest part of your home move or remodel with Super Sliders reusable furniture movers. Just place them underneath the corner bases of your large & heavy furniture and with a simple push, you’ll quickly & easily move your items across any hard surface in your home, including hard wood, tile and linoleum! made of durable rubber foam & felt, these round furniture sliders provide proper weight distribution and a secure grip, making it easy to move furniture into just the right place…or Maybe just a little more to the left. The felt bottom protects your hard surfaces from damage caused by moving or dragging furniture. These round furniture movers are reusable, too – remove them after moving your items to use again and again, or leave them in place for future moving or cleaning. Super Sliders are the #1 best-selling and most trusted furniture mover on the market today – offering superior quality and long-lasting performance for all of your furniture moving and floor protection needs. Each pack includes 4 Walnut Brown furniture movers, measuring 3-D/2” diameter – they're an essential purchase for every household