40 Pack Combo Self Stick Furniture Glider for Carpet Furniture Moving Slider Carpet Slider,Self-Adhesive Furniture Slider,Moving Pads Moving Furniture Sliders,Self Adhesive Sliders Furniture Glides


8-pack 2-1/4" Round Beige self-adhesive Moving slider,

8-pack 2" Beige Triangle self-adhesive Moving slider,

8-pack 1-1/4" Round Beige self-adhesive Moving slider,

8-pack 1" Beige Square self-adhesive Moving slider,

8-pack 3/4" Beige Round self-adhesive Moving slider

These HDPE plastic sliders work on carpets and area rugs,and can move chairs,desk, dining room table, bookcases,tables, sofas, beds, etc.

◆The furniture slides amazingly smooth on the carpet with Liyic furniture sliders.You can see its impact almost immediately. It is also encouraging to see that it will not leave a hole in your carpet for sure.

◆Liyic furniture slider is worth saving the furniture and definitely worth saving your carpet!

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